AM 1301
Duo SeidenStrasse

Chanyuan Zhao
guzhengs, vocals

Benjamin Leuschner
marimba, percussion

"An expressive symbiosis between Chinese musical art and classic Western percussion, setting out in a new direction of world music" (international jury of the world music competition creole NRW 2008)

The long way from Cathay to the areas where the Occident originated is lined with secrets, legends and tales. Chanyuan Zhao and Benjamin Leuschner are Duo SeidenStrasse, telling old myths anew with musical stylistic devices from traditional Chinese music elements to contemporary music in their quest for a means of expression for a modern meeting of cultures. Their interaction of partially spontaneous assimilation gives rise to sound images for touching poetic tenderness, epically dramatic depth as well as powerful rhythmically pulsating energy, letting the audience immerse itself in the fascinating worlds of far and near cultures, archaic rites, spirited nature.

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