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We are an independent label and music publisher based in Bochum | Germany.


LABEL: Our previous releases tend to focus on unusual musical symbioses of alternative pop, experimental, new age, cultural crossover. Future releases will additionally cover a range from ambient, meditation, chill out to electronic, dance as well as art pop and classical crossover.


SHEET PUBLISHING: According to our ambitions the main focus is on literature for percussion and mallet instruments - solo, duo, trio..., ensemble. This repertoire is published under the Percussion Series. A Harp Line is in progress.

Now available!

NEW Sheet Release!

Arrangement of »Baya Baya« by Safri Duo

Sheet Music Frontcover of Baya Baya

»Baya Baya« arranged for percussion ensemble by Benjamin Leuschner •

All "Having Fun"-components for percussion player compressed in one piece:

an atmospheric-groovy marimba part, a catchy melody which is even rhythmically counterpointed by a second line, explosive tom fills, a power drumming intermediate part, percussion elements with Caribbean flair!

NEW Video

14 January 22

NEW ! Album Release »Senses - Floating Dao« by Weiss & Leuschner

Album Cover - Senses Floating Dao

Strong Ambient Feel in Dolby Atmos - 3D Audio (available on iTunes & Tidal)!

The debut album subtly suggests hidden spring vibes: a gentle sound journey

through the wintertime and sensual recovery from viral, disturbing news.