Production Features

We are an independent label and music publisher based in Bochum | Germany.


LABEL: Our previous releases tend to focus on unusual musical symbioses of alternative pop, experimental, new age, cultural crossover. Future releases will additionally cover a range from ambient, meditation, chill out to electronic, dance as well as art pop and classical crossover.


SHEET PUBLISHING: According to our ambitions the main focus is on literature for percussion and mallet instruments - solo, duo, trio..., ensemble. This repertoire is published under the Percussion Series. A Harp Line is in progress.

28 December 21

NEW ! Sheet Release »5 Konzertstücke für Vibraphon« by Karl Matthias Goebel

Sheet Music Frontcover - 5 Konzertstücke für Vibraphon

The five small concertante pieces offer the young player the entire expressive range of the instrument in a compressed and musically complex form. This is fun!  

14 January 22

NEW ! Album Release »Senses - Floating Dao« by Weiss & Leuschner

Album Cover - Senses Floating Dao

Strong Ambient Feel in Dolby Atmos - 3D Audio (available on iTunes & Tidal)!

The debut album subtly suggests hidden spring vibes: a gentle sound journey

through the wintertime and sensual recovery from viral, disturbing news.