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# Just Publish It Yourself

Ars Metaphonia is an independent label and music publisher based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. To be precise, we are a two-person company, founded in 2012 by percussionist Benjamin Leuschner and harpist, zheng player and singer Chaya Zhao ( When we were looking for a way to professionally publish the debut album of our ‘Duo SeidenStrasse’ (, we decided to put everything on its own feet, to have full control, to be self-sufficient. Over what felt like a hundred pages, we came up with the current logo as a lively calligraphy, which was meant to reflect our East Asian-Western musical symbiosis. Pretty cool, right? More scribble sheets filled up with names, and eventually we settled on ‘Ars Metaphonia’, which is a conglomerate of our search for the sound & art between the lines, between the cultures, and it's always changing. We create and produce what we like and what we can identify with, which makes our label and music publisher a very individual footprint – off the commercial track.

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# Sheet Music Publishing

We're all about percussion (classical percussion, drums...) and mallet instruments (marimba, vibraphone...), from solo pieces to larger ensemble works of varying degrees of difficulty, from educational works to concert pieces, from original compositions to arrangements. This repertoire will be published in the 'Percussion Series'.

We're also currently working on a Harp Line – let us know if you'd like us to keep you in the loop or subscribe to our newsletter.

# Sheet Music Editions

Most of our sheet music is available in both download (printable PDF) and print versions. Our catalogue gives you a quick overview of all our publications, including our sheet music range and music productions. 

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New Publications

 Cello-Suites 1-3 by Johann Sebastian Bach

arranged for Marimba by Christian Roderburg

Frontcover of the sheet Suite G-Dur by Bach
Frontcover of the sheet Suite d-moll by Bach
Frontcover of the sheet Suite C-Dur by Bach

The six cello-suites are the most frequently performed compositions for a solo string instrument today and are available in numerous arrangements for other instruments. Christian Roderburg's recordings of the Bach cello suites in 1995 and 1997 were released on the Cybele label.

Now available!

»Baya Baya« by Safri Duo | Arrangement for Percussion Ensemble

»Baya Baya« arranged for percussion ensemble by Benjamin Leuschner • All "Having Fun"-components for percussion player compressed in one piece: an atmospheric-groovy marimba part, a catchy melody which is even rhythmically counterpointed by a second line, explosive tom fills, a power drumming intermediate part, percussion elements with Caribbean flair!