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Artist Picture - Baby Chaya

“Baby Chaya” as a kind of music-art-project has been co-founded 2020 by the German-based female singer, songwriter and harp player Chaya Zhao. The genre-spanning songs can best be assigned to Alternative or Indie Pop with experimental impacts; the lyrics are in English and partly in Chinese. The creepy debut single “It´s a Test” was just released in May 2020. One of the distinguishing features of “Baby Chaya” are self-made BJD-dolls on the cover-artwork as well as their animation within the music videos, visualising the song content on a meta-level. 



Cover Artwork of the song Milk

Milk (Single)

Indie • Pop (2020)

Cover Artwork of the song Mountain Flower

Mountain Flower (Single)

Asian • Alternative • Pop (2020)

Cover Artwork of the song Don't Stop Me

Don't Stop Me (Single)

Alternative • Pop (2020)

Cover Artwork of the song It's a Test

It's a Test (Single)

Alternative • Pop (2020)

Debut Music Video »It's a Test«

Film by Benjamin Leuschner

Puppet & Artwork by Chaya Zhao

Artist Logo of Baby Chaya