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...ambient & chill out | deep relaxation guaranteed...

Artist Picture - Weiss & Leuschner

It is time to calm down from the stress of everyday life! This is exactly the moment the two producers Jochen Weiss & Benjamin Leuschner evoke with their »Senses«-music: Deep relaxation paired with good vibes. The culture-spanning ambient music tracks with Asian influences invite to some chill hours of contemplation. Their debut album release “Senses – Floating Dao” subtly suggests hidden spring vibes: a gentle sound journey through the wintertime and sensual recovery from viral, disturbing news. With the Dolby Atmos versions, you can dive even deeper into the world of sound.

Senses - Floating Dao (Album)

Cover Artwork of the album Senses Floating Dao

Ambient • Meditation (2022)