Music Videos by »Baby Chaya«

...handmade story-telling beyond your imagination...

Two Remixes - make you feel like drifting, dancing, dreaming or chilling. These Music Videos are just visual fun.

This song is about getting aware of the dependencies and wounds caused by the wrong love. But, like the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly, like the rebirth of the phoenix from the ashes, like the spring buds unfold after the winter chill, you may find the strength to cut the ropes and your way back to yourself – and the real love. Love is beautiful – and fragile.

The music video »Milk« interweaves the discrepancy of postcolonial conditions with aspects of mythology. The short film attempts to bridge the gap between conventional, trivial entertaining music video and philosophically inclined art film. 

»Shan Hua« is Chinese and means »Mountain Flower« - the song is about origin and coming of age, leaving and yearning, memory and family ties. The mainly stop-motion animated film visualises the transcultural phenomenon of uprooting in form of an outlined journey of a lonely girl, who left her parents behind.

A song about freedom, living the own fantasy, making the own decisions, realizing the own dreams, breaking free from the conventions and expectations of others: I don´t have to play the role others have chosen for me. If I believe in myself, I can fly!

"It's a Test" reflects a female love (to a man), which has turned to dependance and addiction. The music video visualises the relationship metaphorically with slightly implied horror elements: the female part is represented in form of a partly animated BJD-doll as a dependent, replaceable and extradited „toy“.